Protect Yourself While Abroad With Calgary Travel Insurance

Are you getting excited about your upcoming travel plans? Before you step foot on the plane or hit the highway, take a moment to discuss your individual needs for travel insurance in Calgary. There are too many ways that you can lose money and time if you aren’t fully protected with a thorough insurance policy. This is why we have dedicated nearly 40 years to informing our clients about the unique insurance needs of travelers. We have earned our reputation as one of the most trustworthy insurance companies for travel lovers, and we look forward to delivering peace of mind for your upcoming trip abroad. From last-minute cancellations to scheduling conflicts and injuries that lead to expensive medical bills, your insurance policy will come to your rescue and get your trip back on the right track.
What We Have to Offer

Family Owned and Operated

Our family roots ensure that you receive timely service from trustworthy, dedicated team members.

We Provide Services Personally

We don’t expect you to trust third-party representatives because we don’t either. Our business is personal.

Multiple Insurance Companies

Your convenience is our priority. Our comprehensive services allow us to meet your needs in one place.

Years of Experience

Our legacy of serving the insurance needs of Calgarians has thrived for nearly 40 years, and we’re still growing.

Wherever You Go, Make Sure You’re Covered With Travel Insurance

As a leading provider of travel insurance for Calgary and the surrounding area, we know all about the anxiety that comes with scheduling a vacation. You worry about losing your money if Mother Nature makes your trip impossible. You’re concerned that an emergency will leave you unable to complete the trip yet unqualified for a refund on travel arrangements. Perhaps you don’t want the stress of finding a new hotel and covering all of your meals if a tornado, hurricane or other tragic storm hits your hotel. It may all seem unlikely to happen now, but you never know what’s in the future. Now is the time ensure that your travel interests are fully protected.

Don't Leave Home Without Calgary Travel Insurance

You don’t head down the highway without car insurance or move into a new house without home insurance, so why would you go on vacation without travel insurance? We’ve taken our fair share of trips, and we have a thorough understanding of insurance. This combination of knowledge allows us to answer your questions and explain the terms of your new insurance policy in understandable terms. You have an exciting trip ahead of you, and it’s our job to make sure that you’re fully protected while having a great time.

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