While car insurance in Calgary may be a necessity, it doesn’t mean you should be breaking the bank every month in an effort to keep your vehicle street-legal. 

Fortunately, there are several ways to save money on your car insurance, allowing you to put your savings into more exciting expenditures. Let’s explore some of your money-saving options below!

6 Ways To Save Money on Car Insurance

Shop Around

Surprisingly enough, prices often differ between companies. Therefore, it’s only practical to explore your options and get quotes from a handful of places. 

If you’re not sure of which companies to start with, consider asking your friends and family for recommendations. While quotes are based on a range of factors, such as age, driving record, and type of vehicle, those close to you will be able to offer up information on what they pay on car insurance. This allows you to establish a baseline for what you can expect your payments to look like before you even speak with a broker.

As a note, the cheapest option may not necessarily be the best one. Ensure your car insurance in Calgary has adequate coverage, allowing you to feel secure whenever you hit the road.

Bundle Your Insurance

Insurance companies often offer discounts when you choose to purchase two or more types of insurance from them. Therefore, if you already have home insurance, consider reaching out to your insurance company to explore car insurance savings.

Take A Driving Course

Some insurance companies offer discounts on car insurance if you have taken a driver’s education or defensive driving course. This is because you have taken steps to prove that you have added competency behind the wheel, thus decreasing any likelihood of risk. 

Have A Clean Record

The cost of your car insurance in Calgary often correlates with your driving record. More accidents and violations? Expect your insurance to go up. But if you steer clear of any trouble, your car insurance company will often reward your spotless record by decreasing your car insurance after a few years.

Bundle Vehicles

If you have several drivers and several vehicles in your household, consider insuring them all together. Many insurance companies will offer bulk rates, thus making it more cost-effective to insure three cars together than separately.

Review Your Coverage

Many types of coverage are more important than you may think, so speak to your broker before altering your auto insurance plan. However, older cars may not be worth collision or comprehensive coverage, as the value of the car may not hold up against what you’re actually paying.

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