We Make Storage Insurance Simple

Before you place your valuables in a storage unit, talk to one of our experts about adequate storage insurance. Some people consider this an afterthought if they consider it at all, but there are many ways that you could lose the value of everything in your storage unit without warning. The storage company is protected by their contract, and we advise that you protect your interests as well. It may sound complicated, but we break the process down into simple steps that are easy and quick to follow. We’ve earned our reputation as one of the most dependable insurance companies Calgary by recommending only the highest quality insurance products. We match the policy to your unique needs.
What We Have to Offer

Family Owned and Operated

Our family roots ensure that you receive timely service from trustworthy, dedicated team members.

We Provide Services Personally

We don’t expect you to trust third-party representatives because we don’t either. Our business is personal.

Multiple Insurance Companies

Your convenience is our priority. Our comprehensive services allow us to meet your needs in one place.

Years of Experience

Our legacy of serving the insurance needs of Calgarians has thrived for nearly 40 years, and we’re still growing.

Protect More Than Just Your Home With Storage Insurance

If you understand the value of home insurance, you understand the importance of insuring all items kept in a storage unit. Storage facilities are convenient if you sell your home and your new house isn’t ready or you need to store equipment for professional usage, but that convenience is lost if you aren’t protected in the case of theft, fire or other unexpected circumstances. Regardless of how long you leave your valuables in storage or your reasons for doing so, we can help you secure an insurance policy that looks out for your best interests.

Storage Insurance Packages Built To Fit Your Needs

What do your stored items mean to your life or your business? If you can’t bear the thought of losing even one of those items, consider protecting your interests with a storage insurance policy. Your individual needs aren’t fully covered by the storage facility, so it’s up to you and our team of insurance professionals to make sure that you have the coverage that you deserve. We use our expertise to explain the insurance market in simple terms, so you can quickly secure a policy that fits your individual goals and concerns.

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