What can you do to make your Calgary home insurance company lower the price of your premiums? Saving money on your home insurance can help you save for a new car or a family vacation. Here are a couple of things you can do to get a better price from your Calgary insurance brokers.

Lower Home Insurance Premiums by Installing Deadbolt Locks

On all of the exterior doors, you should install a deadbolt lock to add more security to your home. Deadbolt locks don’t have springs, which adds additional security. You can cut your premium by as much as five percent with your Calgary home insurance company.

Pay Your Home Insurance in a Timely Fashion

Some Calgary insurance companies will give you an incentive if you pay every 10 days instead of 30. Prompt paying could lead to getting a discount.

Pay For Home Insurance Six Months in Advance

Some people prefer to pay Calgary insurance companies six months in advance. While it means spending more money at one time, making payments in advance can also lower the overall cost of your home insurance Calgary premium.

Shop Around For Good Insurance Policies

If you haven’t shopped around for your insurance, you may not be able to spot a reasonable price when you see one; going with the first insurance provider you come across could be a mistake. Additionally, if you do shop around for other Calgary insurance brokers, you can compare prices and services. If you find a company you like, you may want to ask if they will lower their prices, based on the research you have done.  

Avoid Filing Home Insurance Claims For Small Things

Filing too often for things can lead to your Calgary home insurance company raising the rates or even dropping you as a client. Avoid filing for small items and be reserved when it comes to more considerable expenses.

These are the five different ways that you can save a little extra on your insurance premiums. Keeping these tips in mind can lead to extra savings.

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