When your home suffers significant damage, it can be emotionally and financially overwhelming. Fortunately, that is why most people have home insurance. Homeowners insurance is designed to help you out during these difficult times. It could be a fire that ravages your home. It could be storm damage that ruins your roof or blows out your windows. The situations are varied and vast, but the process of filing a claim with your insurance company is the same every time. Learn the steps so you can be ready the next time you need a little extra help.


Start By Documenting The Evidence


After the incident occurs, you need to make a thorough record. If the incident involves a crime, be sure to report it to the police and file a report with them. Then, be sure to document the scene. Take lots of pictures or video to capture the full scope of the damage. If the damage affects the integrity of your home, go ahead and have temporary repairs done right away. Just be sure to get photographic evidence of the scene before the repairs are done. This can help your home insurance company take appropriate actions moving forward.


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Fill Out All The Appropriate Paperwork With Your Insurance Company


When you contact your insurance company, you will be asked to fill out claim forms. These forms are standard procedure for all insurance companies. By filling out a claim form, you are formally requesting the support of your provider. These forms are required by law. In many cases, you have a limited amount of time to file your claim. Therefore, do not delay. The sooner you complete the necessary paperwork, the sooner your claim can be processed. This means you are more likely to receive payment in a timely fashion.


Meet With The Insurance Adjuster To Review The Damage


Finally, you should prepare to meet with your insurance adjuster. This person will come from the insurance company to assess your property in person. Make a list of the damaged or destroyed items in order to facilitate the process. If possible, provide receipts to substantiate your monetary claim. You should also keep receipts from temporary repairs and alternative housing. Be available to answer questions, and be sure to ask questions of your own. You will work with your insurance adjuster to come to a proper resolution.


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