Whether you want to change your current home insurance policy or you’re about to buy a new home, you want to make sure that you get a plan that’s affordable. When looking at different options, you may run through the necessities only to be stuck with a certain price point. That’s why you need to think about how to get the best rates early on in the process. Here are some solid tips to go about doing that.

1. Shop Around for Quotes

While every home insurance in Calgary will be based on various factors unique to you, you should still shop around. Talk to different home insurance providers to get a list of rates. Just make sure that you get all the coverage that you’d need as some policies may exclude some important things.

2. See If Providers Offer Special Discounts

Did you know that providers often offer discounts? For example, having installed smoke alarms can cut down your rates. So can replacing an old roof. Ask the provider about what kinds of discounts can be had and see just how many you can take advantage of.

3. Pay a Higher Deductible

Paying a higher deductible up front will often result in lowering your rates. And when you do have to make a claim for damage incurred on your home, you’ll have to pay lower rates on deductibles for high claims to get the full coverage.

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4. Bundle Multiple Policies Together

Some insurance providers will give you discounts if you take out multiple policies with them. For example, if you combine auto insurance with business insurance, you may get a better rate on not only your home insurance in Calgary, but also all of your other policies.

5. Make Your Home Disaster Resistant

Do you live in a high risk area? This can affect how much you end up paying for your home insurance. Things like heavy storms, flooding, and rampant theft negatively impacts your rates. But there are things that you can do such as installing storm shutters, securing against flooding, setting up security cameras, and more. Ask the provider what you can do to counteract your risks and lower your rates.

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