No matter what it is, from your home, to your health, and even your life, it’s likely going to be better for you if you have insurance. This is just the way of the world. Think about it through the prism of auto insurance. Your car gets stolen, or damaged in a hail storm. Who pays for this? What happens if you have an accident and need serious money for repairs and medical bills? This is what insurance insures: Accidents and the like. The same principles apply to boating insurance.


 While it might not be as broad a category as life or auto insurance, boat insurance is definitely something you want to get if you do own a boat. There’s a litany of reasons for this, but we’ll give you the top three, so you can understand the importance here. 

Boating Insurance Calgary

Top 3 Reasons to Get Boating Insurance 


1) Most Harbors Require It

 The first reason you need boating insurance is that most harbors and marinas are going to require it. Say a swell comes in and your boat accidentally damages another, yet yours is the boat without insurance. This is a big mess here, if you don’t have any sort of boat liability. So most marinas today are going to require you to have insurance. So if you want to dock your boat in such a port, you’ll need the insurance against potential boating damages. 


2) Mother Nature is Undefeated 

 Whether a small vessel or a large yacht, elements dictate things to your boat, not the other way around. Just ask the Titanic. Fishing boat insurance will protect smaller vessels, whereas yacht insurance can protect the more expensive luxury vessels. Either way, hurricanes, typhoons, tsunamis, and other acts of nature are indifferent to the type of boat or its size. You need that protection. 


3) Boats are Huge Investments 

 Again, whether a smaller boat or a big luxury yacht, most people spend a whole lot of money on their boats. Then once you factor in the marina bill, fuel costs, and the other upkeep, reaching into your pocket to pay for an accident may leave you pulling out short with nothing but lint. Boat insurance is what’s going to protect your investment here. 


 As you can see, getting boating insurance for any type of boat you have is just the smart way to do things. Don’t get caught without an insured boat; the results could be disastrous.


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