Your bags are packed and you’re ready to hit the road! But did you make the necessary plans and arrangements?


No one likes to consider the possibility of a mishap occurring during their vacation, but you can’t always bank on optimism. Purchasing travel insurance is an important step to include while planning out your trip.


We examine what travel insurance entails and why it’s so important.


Why Should You Get Travel Insurance?


What is travel insurance?


Unfortunately, medical emergencies can occur while you’re out of the country. Travel insurance covers emergency medical costs while you are outside of Canada, potentially saving you thousands of dollars.


What if I already have Canadian health insurance?


It is not guaranteed that your Canadian health insurance will cover your medical fees while you are out of the country, as you are not utilizing Canadian hospitals or services at the time. Additionally, provincial or territorial governments may only cover a partial amount of the costs, at best.


Meanwhile, the cost of treatment as a foreigner can be incredible, with some international hospitals requiring payment before treatment. If you are without payment or insurance, some countries will refuse to treat you.


What should be travel insurance policy include?


According to the Government of Canada, travel insurance should always include the following aspects:


  • Medical evacuation

Should the country where you’ve injured yourself not have adequate treatment methods, your policy ensures you’re transported to a country that can properly care for you.


  • Pre-existing medical conditions


It’s recommended that you get a written agreement regarding your policy covering your pre-existing condition. Travel insurance is often denied in cases of pre-existing conditions that are not disclosed before travelling. Therefore, confirm with your insurance broker or travel agent that the policy will cover you should something happen while you’re out of the country.


  • Repatriation in case of death


The plan should cover expenses related to bringing your remains back to Canada.


When buying your travel insurance, there is no such thing as too many questions. Take the time to be thorough, for the more advanced planning you do, the less you’ll have to worry while out of the country.


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